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10 Great Photoshop Tutorials to Improve Your Skills

Adobe Photoshop as being the king of graphic editing software it’s a must to learn and get to know it if you are serious about photo editing, designing or otherwise want to learn as much as possible from it and one of the best ways to learn and master Photoshop is certainly by reading and going through all kinds of tutorials. Following steps from tutorials will give you a new perspectives and knowledge that you will be able to use in the future projects.

A tutorial is usually step by step process formed for you to educate and learn from it. By using these few tutorials you will get a hold of many aspects of Photoshop from layering, masking, creating drawings and much more.

Everbody has his weakness and strengths and so is with Adobe Photoshop – one is great at manipulating images other in creating drawings so here are a few tutorials you can use to improve your weakness:

Multilayered Surreal Portrait
Digital Photo Manipulation

Photoshop Photo Effects That Will Save You Time and Money

Adobe Photoshop is the king of photo and design world – it’s versatile, offers tremendeous options and filters – if you have idea what you want to do you can certainly do it with Photoshop. Here are a few photography effects that will save you time and money giving it to professionals or buying equipment for it.

Get HDR results in Photoshop using bracketed exposures in the production process and then Photoshop layers after it.

How to create high dynamic range (HDR) images – the author targets on realism instead of exaggerating the application of HDR.


Tutorial focuses on how to simulate the look of infrared photography in Photoshop using Photoshop’s Channels palette and seeing how to isolate a color channel and how to apply filters to color channels.

Learn how to apply the popular “lomography” effect to your photos.

With the help of exposure in Photoshop get this great looking HDR effect for your picture .
Give your pictures the sepia-toned 300 movie effect.

Tilt shift lenses focus on a single part of the photo and shift (blur) the surrounding area to create an optical illusion of miniaturized scenery. Real tilt shift lenses are expensive, but a similar effect can be achieved by using Photoshop.
Give your images that dreamy look and make them look more appealing for the eyes.