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Supersized Under Construction

Template Details :
Free Supersized Under Construction blogger template is professional blogger template designed for under construction with many color for main background with 1 column for basic layout, slider and feature post and if your sites not finish you can use this themes for personal sites
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Designer & Author : Assadotcom /


Template Details :
Free Legit Blogger Template is very professional categories blogger template with clean design and a lot feature like cloud design can move from left to right on this template, 3 column blogger template with left and right sidebar, white color for main background and this themes designed for personal blogs
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Designer & Author : Biyan


Template Details :
Free VeryMinimal blogger template is free and very clean blogger template adapted from WordPress Theme to Blogger with minimalist design, gray color for basic layout with some feature like 2 column blogger template with right sidebar, menu navigation, minimalist design template and very good blogger templates for personal sites
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Template Author : LiteThemes


Template Details :
Free Notch Blogger Template is good vector design blogger template for personal sites with automatic content slideshow and menu for navigation and some another feature like 2 column blogger template for main layout, very fast themes on browser with minimalist design and left sidebar
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Author : Lasantha


Template Details :
Free ProEducation Blogger Template is profesional magazine design blogger template magazine style with automatic content slideshow and pagination for personal sites, this template have some feature like 2 column layout, minimalist design, slider for feature post, right sidebar and menu navigation for basic feature
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Author : Lasantha