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How to choose a web designer to create a perfect online persona for your business

Unlike earlier times, every organization now is required to create and maintain two personas – the real and the virtual. As vital it is for businesses to build and sustain a perceivable enterprise to attract their target audience, it is equally vital for them to fashion an interesting and workable online presence, one that would build their brand, reach out to audiences, help strengthen customer relationships and expand their client pool.

The website for any organization is thus as important a gateway to growth and development as the other components of the business. Present scenario and customer preferences call for increased e-commerce, easy access to information on products, quick navigation and unique branding and marketing techniques that would ensure that a business stays on top of the audiences’ mind in spite of stiff competition. Choosing a web designer therefore becomes a challenging yet extremely important task. If you are looking to hire a web designer to strengthen your online presence, here are few pointers on how to bet on the winning horse.

Decide on your needs

Does your business need a complete online persona creation or are you looking for someone who can accomplish a specific task alone? Even though many web designing firms have branched out in recent times, they still undertake specific tasks as requested. If you are looking for a A-Z online services organization that would help you with everything from web designing, online marketing and branding, web and mobile application creation, e-commerce management, web hosting etc. you might want to look at sites like Boost One Web that provide overall services to customers. If your needs call for specific services like web design alone, then target those organizations that offer design services as a specialty. It is always sensible to choose companies that offer multiple services to avoid scouring for help in future.

Queries and responses

While picking any web design firm, it is crucial for you to listen to the questions they pose as that will give an insight on not only their competence but also their interest in knowing about your organization. It is important for any web design firm to have a deep knowledge of the business they are designing a website for. If the right questions are not asked at the right time, chances are that they are not competent enough to detail the website to suit your needs.
The next part involves you asking the right questions. Do your homework and look into their previously designed websites. Question them on the technologies they use and how compatible they are with up and coming techniques. Do they have experience with WordPress, Drupal ,etc.? Have they worked on similar businesses like yours before? Are they equipped to provide you a responsive, all-device-compatible website? Are they competent enough to understand and provide you with necessary graphics? Do their design ideas mirror your business ideals while ensuring unfussy navigation to customers? Are they equipped to provide you with SEO or lead generating web content? Do they provide maintenance services post launch? Do they give access to the source code for your future editing purposes? How about registration and copyright? These are some of the questions that you should be asking yourself and the design firm before picking out one.

Price Tag and Testimonials

Though price should not be ‘THE FACTOR’ in deciding on a web designer, enough research should be done to ensure that you are paying the right price for the right services. Too much for too little work is bad enough but too little for too much work might also mean a lot when it comes to competence levels. Testimonials and referrals are sure to help here. You can either request the design firm for references or do a background check yourself and ensure that you are making the right choice for your business. From sticking to delivery commitments to pre and post-delivery customer service, ensure you get the data you need to make an informed decision.

Contracts and the written word

Regardless of how the testimonies turn up, it is always better to get every decision made on website design, services to be rendered, delivery dates, quotes etc. on paper. Written contracts should reflect all decisions made to safeguard your interests in future.
Spending quality time in identifying the right web design firm will certainly ensure that you do not waste your resources on the wrong business partner. Happy hunting!

Free stuff that I stumbled on while Surfing the Web

Today I was surfing the web looking for some content that would expand my designing horizon. I am always searching for new good design blogs or books to tell me something new about design and you should be to. The world keeps on spinning and things are changing faster then ever in this fast paced world so remember to always look for new things and trends that can make you a better designer!

So here I was searching the web when I came across, an online library of free ebooks. I thought that this would be another waste of time as many such sites just gives you non working links or want you to click their ads. I was surprised to find out that this site was not one of them as here you can actually read the ebooks directly on their website. I did a search for website design and I got a really long list of PDF and DOC files. I started to skim through them and some were very good and some were very bad, but the good ones outweighed the bad ones for sure. So I was going through the PDF files when I came across a web design pricing sheet. This could be very helpful to a newbie trying to pitch to possible clients. You can use it as a cheat sheet to help you start out and figure out what kind of packages you should offer and what kind of prices you should charge.

There were many other hidden gems and I am sure that I have also missed many due to large volume of documents available on the site. I recommend that you visit the site and see for yourself. I was surprised at the volume of information that I found on this website, anything from web design to obscure topics like world geography for upsc can be found here. I advise you to visit the site and take a look at what they are offering, I have it bookmarked already 🙂

Until next time, have a great designing day/week/month and if you like my posts, leave a comment 😉