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Best Free Fonts for Print and Web Design

Choosing the right font for what you are trying to present to your customer / visitor can be a hard task and sometimes takes a lot of time to find just the perfect typography – and in most cases the font you want is not free – well not in our case. We have prepared the selection of great looking fonts that will attract your consumers and get their attention and to top it of – totally free of charge. Just browse through and get your perfect font.
Hope you have found any of those nice looking fonts to be of use!

Top 10 Free Fonts for January 2014

Using the right font for your website is essential as it can get visitors attention and with the lining of the font you can tell just about everything – with strong fonts you want their immediate attention so they focus on the matter you want to show them first and go from there, while more simple, thin lining shows class and doesn’t get to your eye as much. Here we have composed currently 10 most popular fonts people are downloading so we thought it would be nice to compile this list for you.

Chopin Script
Love & Trust
Slow Motion
Bebas Neue
Beaked Tyrant
Cheddar Jack

Fira Sans font from Firefox for free

The Mozilla Foundation has been with us for many years, but they just recently made their own font Fira Sans free to download. The Fira font family comes in a Sans Serif with 4 weights (light, regular, medium and bold) all available in italic styles and to top that package also includes a Mono Spaced variant with 2 weights (regular and bold). The aim of this font family is to cover the legibility needs for a large range of handsets varying in screen quality and rendering.
Fira Sans Font Family

It’s a great approach by Mozzila as Firefox is also available on so many mobile platforms it’s necessary to have a clean, clear, easily readable font that looks great on anything.
Fira Sans Usage Examples

As we tested it’s quite right was Mozzila says about this font – text by Fira Sans is clear and easily readable at large and small sizes – to summarize it’s a crisp, clean font, and a very good move for the Mozilla brand.

Here are also download links :

21 Modern Free Fonts For Designers

Each design is something unique and what can make a big difference in a design is a good choice of modern fonts. And since I will try to help other designers with my blog posts, the first post will be a collection of free modern fonts that you can use for your banners, logos, designs.. If you like any of these fonts then feel free to download them from their authors and give thanks where thanks should be given. Also if you like this post, let me know in the comment section and I might find other free fonts for you guys in the future. Have a great designing day! 🙂


Sail Away





Bates Shower

Chrome Light

Cosmo Path

Navia Type


Typeface Adec2.0



Alt Retro

Science Noire


Eight font