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Blog Post Templates

If you’ve started your own blog, you’re probably like me.  I’m sure you have felt the stress of writers block and how hard it can be to overcome.  Everyone has to deal with their writers block in their own way, but I can give you some assistance in the meantime.  Maybe all you need is a new style to get the juices flowing.  Try out one of these blog post templates and see if they help your writers block, they can also give your blog a fresh look which can help to attract new readers.

About me

These types of posts are fun and easy to create.  Give your readers a chance to see who you really are.  Instead of just seeing you as text on a screen, show them your human side.  Make a list of ten weird facts about you.  Readers want to be social and the best way for them to socialize with you is to see that you are just like them.

Things I’ve written and read

This is another simple one.  Compile a list of what you have written in the past week, then get links to other blogs you’ve read and enjoyed.  Write a quick synopsis for each of these and explain why they were so appealing to you.  This can bring new readers back to older posts and you can help your fellow bloggers increase their traffic as well.  It couldn’t be easier than this, after all, the main posts have already been written.

Challenge the reader

This is another fun one.  It can be more challenging than the others but can be well worth the effort.  In this post template, you can pose a question or challenge to your readers and ask them to comment with their answers or results.  You can make this as easy or as hard as you want.  Challenge them to get a picture of a speed sign that does not end in 5 or 0, or think of something truly devilish and tricky.

So, as you can see there are any number of ways you can get your mind past its block, as well as breath new life into your blog.  These are just a few suggestions, there are hundreds of templates you could use to improve your blog.  I would recommend you visit you will be able to find more resources to develop ideas of your own.

10 Great Color Combination Tools for Designers

One of the most important aspects when designing a website for you or your client are certainly colors – being able to select just the right tone of each color you are using to match the other color is essential – it could turn your visitor to buyer or it could drive them right away. So what if you don’t know what colors work with others and what don’t? Well no worries we have prepared a collection of a few great combination tools to use and save you some time and nerves.

1. Adobe Kuler

Adobe as one of the leading designing software solutions has it’s own tool and it’s a nice tool – there are a lot of preset color rules you can choose from and even save them for later use very useful.

This isn’t a new kid on the block so you can’t go wrong with it – a lot of options. Don’t have ideas? Use their random function – and when you are done just save your scheme ID for future use. It also has a lot of export options.
The application allows users to experiment with color combinations, examine them under the aspect of accessibility guidelines and to create custom color palettes.
Contrast-A checks color combinations for sufficient contrast and displays the results as well it displays the results for normal vision and simulates the colors and results for different types of color deficiency. 
This great tool is a must – superb for checking foreground and background color combinations of all DOM elements on your website and determining if they provide sufficient contrast when viewed by someone having color deficits.
Pictaculous serves as a great tool it lets you upload your image and analyze its colors and gives you color pallete that goes with your picture. Quite handy don’t you think?
The heart of this site is the Combo Tester, which allows web designers to see how different color combinations work together. It also has some other tools such as the library that contains hundreds of color swatches, along with their hex colour values and ComboMaker tool to create and share your own web design colour and see what others are making.
ColorExplorer is the bomb color pallete tool – online toolbox for working with color palettes. With ColorExplorer you can quickly and easily create, manage and evaluate color palettes for use in graphic design, web designs, layouts, and much more.
Color Hunter is also one of those essential tools as it allows you to upload your images and view the different colors that it consists of. You can also browse through different parameters such as search term or hex color.
Want a simple yet effective tool to get hex code or see what hex code looks like? Look no further as it can’t get more simple than that. It even gives you few color scheme options such as : complementary, triade, analogic and tetrade.
Are you without color pallete inspiration? Well this tool is just that – color pallete inspiration tool. Designs displayed go beyond the generic 3 colored dots, and attempt to portray the possibilities in palettes. Steal colors. This handy tool makes palette piracy easy and fun.

Stitch Blogger Template

Template Details :

Stitch Blogger Template in Blogger, Blog,1 Sidebar, 2 Columns, Adapted from WordPress, Artworks, Brown, Fixed width, Fresh, Green, Left Sidebar, Magazine, Minimalist, Responsive, Rounded corners, Top Navigation Bar, Web 2.0, White, Yellow

Shortnotes Blogger Template

Template Details :

Shortnotes Blogger Template in 1 Sidebar, 2 Columns, Adapted from WordPress, Blue, Elegant, Fixed width, Fresh, Grey, Magazine, Responsive, Right Sidebar, Top Navigation Bar, Web 2.0, White, Blogger, 1 Right Sidebar, Right Sidebar

10 Website Tips to Improve Visitor Experience

With these easy to follow tips you can make your website much more user-friendly and it can help you get leads that could result in a sale.
Most website business owners think that in order for it to maximize your website total redesign and new website would be needed – yeah in some instances that might be the case, but with a couple of tweaks you can make your site more appealing and user-friendly without spending thousands of dollars on a brand new website.

1. Get your phone number and e-mail on your homepage
If you already don’t have your phone/mobile number and e-mail on your homepage put it there. It’s often not so easy to find out how the potential customers can even contact you as many visitors head to your website just to find a means of contacting you and if your contact information are hard to find or aren’t even on site he will just leave and find someone else.
2. Your business hours
As with a phone number what potential customers have in mind is can I call them at 10 am? What if I want to eat at their restaurant at 11 pm will I be able to do so? These are some of the questions that visitors are asking themselves more than you think – make job easier for them and put your business hours in your website.
3. About us page
Very important thing is to make a “virtual” contact with your visitor. They are asking themselves who are you? What personnel is behind this business? Give them a brief introduction about your business, people, who they are, what are their hobbies – real biography as to show them you are also just a human being.
4.  Big and beautiful images
Nowadays this is a big trend as images speak louder than words don’t you agree?  Take pictures of your local area, restaurant, ambient, your team in action or projects you have recently been working on – we are visual beings and as such give visitors what they want to see.
5. Add directions “to your door”
Not everybody has a smart phone or uses GPS devices – let’s face it there are people out there who like to do it the old fashion way so make it easier for them to find you. Google offers a nice free map widget which you can embed on your website without any hassle and it will guide your visitor right to your doors in images and words – it shows that you are thinking of everything.
6. Make your website mobile friendly
More and more people are using smartphones right now and trend is not stopping so it’s more than likely that 20%-30% of your visitors will visit it from a phone and if your site is not optimized for tinnier screens navigating your website will be hard. There is a handful of free or inexpensive tools to make your website mobile ready without building if from ground up.
7.  Company branding
Are your website colours and logo in harmony with your company’s colours and brand? Make sure your website uses colours and that logo on website is the one of your company brand – it will help with brand awareness and people recognizing you.
8. Get social
Seems like everybody these days uses Facebook or Twitter – it’s time to jump on that train and get social with your visitors. Create Facebook page and Twitter account and focus on getting noticed – It’s a small step, but it could bring you a big return.
9. Using music or splash page on your website?
Do you still have splash page before entering your website? Cut that step for your visitor and remove it – it only distracts them from viewing what you want them to see. You aren’t YouTube so playing them music in the background will only distract them.
10. Put up customer testimonials
Good voice reaches far don’t you agree? Use that in your advantage and ask happy customers or other business entities that have worked with you as how your company helped them save money, time, had a great time, how you helped them , … also a small tip to remember – it’s best if you pre-write so your customer won’t have another burden on their shoulders – all they have to do is approve it or modify it.

SimpleCorp Blogger Template

Template Details :

SimpleCorp Blogger Template in 1 Sidebar, 2 Columns, 4 Column Footer, Adapted from WordPress, Blue, Elegant, Featured Section, Fixed width, Fresh, Magazine, Responsive, Right Sidebar, Rounded corners, Slider, Top Navigation Bar, White, Blogger